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D2 Rear Air Suspension


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Hi All,

I am still having trouble with our 2001 Discovery 2 TD5’s rear air suspension. So any advice would be welcome.

It used to drop after about two weeks of no use, but now getting more frequent. Drivers side dropping more than the passenger side.

Read the forums and everything pointed to the air springs, even though no leaks could be found.

New air springs fitted (ouch!), but once to correct height, drops within hours, just as it did just prior the changing the springs. This happens in O/R mode as well.

Compressor inflates almost straight away, no signs of a leaks anywhere.

Where should I be looking now?

The battery had gone flat sometime ago, could the load sensors lose their position?

Is there a procedure for disconnecting them to clean contacts up?

Will they find their position if I inflate system, disconnect battery, unplug sensors, re-connect battery then plug in sensors.

I know there will be those of you out there saying go to coils, but.

You wouldn’t buy a Breitling watch, then check the time on your mobile.

Many thanks


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If it's going down slowly then suspect a leak in the pipework (with new bags fitted it's unlikely to be them). A slow leak will be almost undetectable by ear, so a spray bottle of soapy water (fairy liquid or anyting that makes good bubbles) is order of the day. Squirt every joint in the system, and inspect all pipes for damage from heat, abrasion, etc.

You can buy dedicated leak detection spray, Ambersil and others make it, but be careful what you buy as some stuff is only designed to react to specific leaking gases.

Pipework is easily & cheaply replaced with nylon hose fom any pneumatics supplier, push-fit joiners etc. are also readily available from the same sources (as should be the leak detection sprays if needed).

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If the sensors were dodgy then it wouldn't reach the correct height at all. AFAIK they are non-contact types, using a hall effect.

They are programmed by settin gthe car to the right height then "learning" the position, unlike the RR system where you can dial in any number you like and see what happens.

I might suggest that the rubber "O"rings that seal the valaves may have hardened or become damaged/contaminated and are leaking or that the seal between the air bags and pipe have been compramised during their replacement (this happens on RRC where the plastic pipes get scratched).

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