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Fellow 2 Door Owners


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After the past two weeks of realising I should have previously written down any part numbers I've been through since buying my 2dr 5 years ago I thought, hey let's all get together so we know who we can talk to.

I'm in Ireland and there probably aren't many of us 2dr owners here but in the meantime we can all chime in here so there's a thread we can come back to if stuck for some info.

Right now I'd love it if someone could truck outside and measure the standard ride height of a 2dr. Can't remember if you measure from the wheel top to the apex of the arch or whether it's from the ground to the sill at the trailing edge of the arch? Either way I'm having an awful time trying to match a set of rear springs to my fronts which I'm making an educated guess are riding about +1 from standard. Hence my needing to know what standard is.

If anyone on here has a 2dr and is in Ireland then we could organise a wee meeting. Swap un-needed parts and all that.


2dr, 2door, two door, early RRC,

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