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suspension question................again


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Hi guys,

Been looking at a few suspension packages amd came across one that had standard height shocks with +2 inch lift springs. You'll need to correct me if i'm wrong but will the shocks not be restricting the springs? Is there any advantage to this set up? Does it give an increased right height?

Thanks in advance,


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The +2" springs will provide lift.

The rubber bump stops limit up travel and the extended length of the shockies limit down travel. +2" springs will result in an increase in up travel (2" more gap between the axle and bump stops when stationary) and a reduction in down travel (still travel down to the same point, but this is less when measured from stationary ride height).

Some people lower the upper shockie mounts and bump stops to restore the up/down travel to stock.

If longer travel shockies are used, taller mounts are required - because the closed length is greater.

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