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rear axle oil leak.


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hi, been looking round our 1998 disco 300tdi today, trying to work out why the brake pedal wonders up and down when your braking. also why the rear axle feels like its floating around when you accelarate and brake (you have to correct it the line the vehicles takes with the steering wheel.).

spotted the radius arm bush to the chassis on the passengers side is hanging out. so ive ordered two of them plus antiroll bushes.

but brakes wise theres oil leaking out of the axle all over the brake discs/pads. i have all new rear brakes waiting to go on (bought for our previous disco but never fitted)


looking on the technical guides bit of the forum (excellent guides!) it doesnt look difficult..... but what seal/seals do i need?

theres an inner and an outer hub seal listed on paddocks. do i need both?

if gear oil is leaking out, it must have got out past both seals?

does the inner go in the end of the axle tube sealing gearoil in the axle? and the outer on the back of the hub like a bearing grease seal?

what could have caused this? theres no play or roughness to the wheel bearings.

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Erm, often they leak because the breather is blocked but I find that if the jounal they run on is rusty they keep leaking. I've had a couple that were a big PITA.

Technically the "inner" is on the outer end, as in the diff to bearing seal. The outer or mud to bearing seal is in the back of the hub, when it leaks the oil sprays up the brake disk then creeps onto the frot face.

the "inner" seal is a bit poo TBH because it runs on a floating journal that has to seal to the stub axle and never does that convincingly.

IIRC the "outer" seal should sit 4mm below the surface though later revisions of the part number (G IIRC) didn't have the lateral sealing lip and may have been fitted flush. This is important becasue if you instal the new one in a deifferent place it may end up running on a rusty/pitted journal and never seal properly.

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