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More lift than what and interesting rear shock question


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i have a 2 inch lift its about 2ish years old from devon 4x4 from the challenge kit, the front springs lift 1 inch more than the back its done it from when i got them, was thinking that it might settal down a bit but its not.

my truck is a td5 is there any OME spring that will lift it just the 2 inchs rather them the three that im getting. the handling on road is great and offroad nothing realy bothers it so hence why i havent changed it, it would be for astetic reasons and also for saving the bushes as one has died and i think the same one is going again. i have cranked radious arms. just wanted to ask poeple on hear cos sales people some time just want to sell any thing they have so i just want the right thing for my truck.

rear shock, my brother has a 90 no lift we put +2 terraferma shock on it, now handels like a race car rather than a boat and articulates better than my truck! problem is that rear shock bush on to the chassis totalt disitergated after doing a small amount of silly things.

SO i was wondering could i put +2pin to pin shocks on the rear change the mounts and job done so i dont have to mess around with them again and i might be even better at articulation?? has any one done it?

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