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puma P0404 error code


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I'm new to the group so Hi to everyone.

I was wandering if anyone can help me - my Defender (a 2007 puma) has an error code P0404 which translates as EGR flow CHT Range/performance, whatever that means!

Basically I noticed it losing power as I pulled away in, it continues to 'splutter' but loads of accelerator overcame the power loss, it was intermittent but still annoying and I dont want to risk towing with this loss of power. Now a couple of days later it seems more noticeable (it souns like its miss-firing)

Does anyone know if this is an easy fix (I'm ok with a spanner) but havent got a clue where to start.

Any help will be appreciated.



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Sounds like the EGR valve isn't working correctly, not an uncommon problem unfortunatly. You could try pulling it off and cleaning it... I just let my one rev for a bit ocassionally, ie driving at 100km/h in 5th instead of 6th for a bit which seems to stop it sticking so much.



PS Ultimate solution would be to blank the egr system, but unfortunatly this causes the DTC light (check engine) to come up on the dash.

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