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World's Largest Lr Show


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I haven't I haven't been to an LRO show for a couple of years as I didn't think it was up to much and definately not worth driving all the way to Peterborough.

A few of the traders told me at Billing that they thought there wouldn't be much at Malvern, but I got up today and decided to go and have a look anyway as it was less than an hour away, what a mistake, you could have fitted all the stalls easily into a single aisle at Billing.

There were empty spaces everywhere with the stalls spread out - don't whether this was because some traders won't turn up until tomorrow or whether it was just to cover a larger area to make it look bigger!

I'll be interested to hear what the rest of you thought (and to see if gets/got any better Saturday) - and what sort of write up they give it in the mag!

Worlds largest? in my opinion there are at least two shows in front of it (Billing & Eastnor), however I do think there are too many shows now and it would probably be better if some fall by the wayside.

Next year it will be Billing only for me.

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I went to peterboro last year wernt that impressed at all , they just seem to be lining the pockets of the mags and organisers , billing is the definitive land rover show for me but acording to to rumours how much longer for we dont know

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