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Can anyone help me!

I have been informed that the Anti Roll bars fitted to the Wolf 130, 110 & 90's has a higher/stiffer torsional action than standard.

IS this correct? Did they fit any to the rear?

I am after definitely one for the front but would also like a rear one.



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I have a 110 HD ex utillity which went through Special vehicles and has anti roll bars front and rear, when I had to replace the bushes on the rear anti roll bar for the MOT I had real hassel trying to get them as the anti roll bar is of a larger diameter than normal or so I found out after buying the normal size ones.

I'd guess that the larger diameter has greater resistance but I'm sure someone who knows better will be along shortly.

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Yes much stiffer if it's thicker. I'm surprised they dodn't use the same thickness as the front TBH, I think that's what scorpion did. The figure you need to consider is called first moent of area, damned if I can remember how to work it out but it's just a littl ebit more complicated than comparing the cross-sectional area of the 2 types.

As for stiff roll bars, anyone seen the X-Eng disconnecting rear ARB?

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