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Defender doors

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Ok, so not a new topic for defender owners, but what have you done with the two slabs of corrosion attached to your Defender?

Buy new? not cheap

Find good s/h ones? do they exist?

Repair the bottom rail with series repair section and reskin?

Repair the bottom rail with series repair section and bodge refinish the door skin?

Fit decent s/h series doors?

Can't make my mind up.

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I have just removed 2 doors,de-skinned them and repaired the frames.

Purchased the repair sections from YRM Metal solutions,and the 2 skins from Paddocks.

Metal repair section is £15 a length,and the skins are £65 each.

If you have access to a welder,its a straight forward enough job.

At less than £100 a door,mine are like new ones.

Couldnt bring myself to part with nearly £750 for 2 new ones.

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Good doors regularly go for £300+ each second hand. New later-style (all-steel) ones are £400+ each from a breaker.

I am looking at repairing the bottom frame section, re-skinning with a steel skin (to avoid bi-metallic corrosion issues) and then having the whole thing galvanised. Should keep it rust free for a little while at least :)

Obviously only works if the only bit rotted out is the bottom frame :(

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as above, YRM bottom rail, and Paddock's skins. Dead easy to do, strip the door card, window winder, glass, peel off the old skin, cut out the rot, weld in new, zinc oxide everything, waxoyl in the inside of everything, apply thick pvc tape to everything that touchs the outer alu skin, apply lashings of waxoyl to the inside of the skin, bash the edges over with a wooden block. Good as new and will last a lot longer.

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