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Caliper bolt stripped swivel housing thread?


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I ordered AFU1031 from LR Series, and when I fitted my calipers with it, it stripped the thread of the swivel housing, meaning I now have to buy new swivel housings :'(

Does anybody know why these two parts are different? One has a much tighter thread than the other and is also slightly longer.

Is it a big no-no to retap the thread on the swivel housings? I did all 4, grr!

Correct bolt: http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/6974/FTC3375-CALIPER-TO-SWIVEL-BOLT.html?search=FTC3375&page=1

Incorrect bolt: http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/2416/AFU1031-BOLT-CALIPER-TO-SWIVEL-HOUSING.html?search=AFU1031&page=1

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Am I skewered..?

Not in my opinion.

You could helicoil them.

Or, if that's not deemed suitable in this safety crtical area, weld the holes up then re-drill and tap them. Obviously you would have to make sure to re-do them in the correct position, an engineering shop might be best to carry out the work.

I personally don't see why helicoils would not be suitable but I stand to be corrected.



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I went for the breakers option and got 2 housings from paddocks for £20 a pop.

Now I've gone and sheared the bolt that holds the bottom pin in. The Rave CD says 78NM is required for those bottom pins- seems a heck of a lot, and clearly I sheared my bolt trying to get it up to that. Now I have to go get it drilled out! Annoying!!

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I was going to drill in and use an easy out, but I brought it back with me and will take it to the engineers I think. So annoying!! I can see how the top bolts are 78 as they are m17, but the bottom ones were like m10 on one side and m13 on the other I think.

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M17 doesnt sound right?

if you mean a 17mm head, then its probably an M10 bolt. The M size is the diameter of the threaded section.

The bolts in the bottom of my swivels were M8, which is usually a 13mm head, however mine had unusually small 10mm heads on them for some reason.

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See my link above. 17-25lbft depending on the grade.

I've seen quite a few errors printed in manuals for components around that area.

For example, one of the manuals gives the top bearing preload values as ~4kg for all vehicles, whereas that value only applies to railko bushes. Vehicles with taper bearings at the top should only be done up to ~1.2kg

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