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Connecting a Volvo ZF4HP22 to a series transfer case?


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We are tossing ideas about what would be the easiest/best path from here into a cheap and reasonably competent trialler built for the Eurotrial Standard reglement.

We have a series 3 88 where a mercedes 200D engine is coupled to the original gearbox

We have a Volvo 745 with B230E and ZF autobox in good shape

We have assorted bits and bobs.

Install RR power steering and run it with the Merc200D? The engine is dead for some reason we do not rremember, but surely we can get it working.

install Volvo with ZF, but how to mate it to the series transfer case? It seems that it is not allowed to mate it to a LT230, the original transfer box needs to be installed for this set of rules...

So can this be done and any ideas on how?


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I believe you can unbolt the rear section of the Volvo ZF 4hp-22 that houses the governor and swap it for a rear section of a ZF 4HP-22 as fitted to a Land Rover (Disco) and this will allow you to bolt up to a transfer case. Keep the Volvo governor or replace it with a later version of the same as they tend to get sticky (morning sickness) when they get old.

Doing that would allow you to use a Volvo engine on the input end. If you found another engine/bellhousing to bolt up to the front, you would need the governor and the valve block to suit that engine. The VW/Volvo D24T 6 cylinder diesel comes to mind.


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Or, use the stronger LT230 and a 2 wheel drive conversion kit from the same company above :)

Not that I can find it on the site, mind you... but it does exist, doesn't it ashtrans?

The problem is, it seems that the exact functionality of the original transfer gearbox is essential in this group. The Ashtrans fart time conversion would allow 2wd-low, which is not available on the series transfer box.

A cheap 90 is of course a better option, but they are stupidly expensive here and we already have the 90...


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