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sloppy diff lock lever


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I am in the middle of a bulkhead change and as you do, I'm looking for things to do whilst I'v got the front half stripped. anyway was looking at the diff lock/high low levers and there seems to be a lot of free play in the diff lock lever, I can move the lever two thirds of the way to the left before the diff lock starts to activate

also when moving this lever to the left the high/low lever pivot moves out to the right, should it do this? and how can I get rid of this sloppyness?

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Each of the pivot points should have a pair of nylon top hat bushes FRC4499 to take up the slop, these are often missing. Also the pivot post on the side of the box is adjustable, undo the locknut and screw it in or out to get the required throw. The other movement you mention I don't think is a problem as long it's securely on the splines.

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