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rear window


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I suppose there are two issues:-

1. What happens to the film when the heated rear window comes on. I assume that you have checked that it's OK for temperature.

2. I personally wouldn't run the risk of the film coming off inside the door when the glass goes all the way down and screwing up the mechanism. The window works on a sort of servo mechanism that tells it when to stop and can be tricky to set up. But perhaps I am being ultra careful here.

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Temperature issue aside many people tint their side windows and these go up and down without a problem.

Generally though over time the heated rear window does cause some rippling and distorion.

I would never use tint film on any car as i think it looks nasty!

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I had tinted films (minimum legal transparency, don't remember %) on the windows of my old FL1 for about 3 years. They are designed to resist to heated windows. They will NOT scratch if mounted properly. If you choose good quality film (e.g. 3M or Llumar) AND you choose a specialized company (it is NOT a DYI job!), the car will definitely look better.

Not to mention extra privacy or, more important, sun shield effect - essential when carrying children.

Of course, you must be ready to pay about 4-500 Eur incl. installation cost - if it's cheaper, it will not look good...


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