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Lifting my 90


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My 90 sits really low to the ground and this is due to the fact that the wheels are quite small and it's not been lifted. Whilst I am living out the life of the tyres on there, there's not much I can do about that hight problem.

Nevertheless, I want to go for a 2" lift, but I am worried it'll not actually make a visible difference.

Does anyone have a before and after photo of a lift?

Thanks :)

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It will look a bit odd with small tyres.......To gain height you really want it under the bottom of the diffs not chassis to axle so you would proberly be better off with paying out for the bigger tyres and then asking yourself do i really want/need a lift.

just my 2p worth.


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I can tell you now it will look really stupid (saw a lifted 90 last week on 205's) and if you are doing it for looks rather than effect then you will really regret it.

If you really feel the need for a lift (why?) and are concerned about appearance then get the wheels/tyres first.

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