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Help rubbish brakes on 2004 TD5 90


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Can you help? Ill go into as much detail as I can on what I have changed so far but still no good.

Problem: 2004 td5 90 the brakes dont bite Sharp when at speed from as little as 20mph. when you lift the wheel off the ground it all feels fine and brakes as should however when braking at speed although does slowly slow the car it does no longer lock up sharply.

This happened after putting new brake pads all round 3k miles ago.

Since then I have changed the brake pads twice for two different types but the problem still occurs.

I have bled the system 7-8 times including using a pressure bleed system and there is no air in the system what so ever.

Bearings are fine and disks visually look ok and are not warped.

Most dangerous time is crawling at say 15mph and someone stops quickly you cant lock them up whether you pump it or not they wont bite.

I also changed the servo valve not sure on name of it but made no difference. Plus have done the usual checks of turning the engine pulling this valve off checking its sucking etc and all seems fine.

To summarise the brakes work but there not Sharp and I am not losing any brake fluid.

Any ideas to this ?

Thanks in advance


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Try bedding them in properly.

See my post on this thread:


Alternatively, you might have a number of siezed pistons in the calipers?

Second that or maybe a servo/vacuum problem - robbing you of power assistance some of the time - that tends to remove 'bite'. Servo is easy to swap (might be different if you have ABS)


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Ok thanks, I'm pretty confident there bedded in well enough and have certainly got very hot.

Is there a way i can test the servo/vacuum problem? as i said it does break OK ish and passed an MOT but is just not that punchy anymore and does not snap on like it used to ...my 300tdi breaks better.

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If you go to your car, and pump the brake pedal a few times you will get rid of any residual vacuum. Then if you put your foot on the brake pedal and hold it down while starting the engine, you should feel the pedal go down further as the engine starts and the vacuum builds and the power assistance kicks in. (I think this could be rubbish if you have ABS)If you don't feel that pedal sort of push down, probably not much power assistance.

I had this on a 300tdi - no extra push as it turned out the servo was u/s - I took a chance on it and changed the servo as it didn't owe anything, it was the cheapest thing to change and you can do it in about 15 minutes, and that pretty much fixed the problem. I measured the vacuum at the servo and it was at most about .5 bar but I think the pump is tired also. The old servo worked some of the time but you were never sure how much of a push you'd need.


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