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Recomendations Make / Model Torque Wrench


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Norbar are pretty much the industry standard, but it's still worth getting them calibrated every so often (depending on use and storage conditions).

Personally I have Snap-on and Norbar, Snap-on (torque wrenches) are not worth the money tbh

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I have a Snap-on 3/8 th drive digital with degree 5-100ftlbs with calibration cert about 100 bear tokens, found very accurate and easy to use especially on the degrees, saves trying to pull and look at a gauge, it gives a nice buzz and vibrate when at the desired torque or angle :P

And i have a Wurth basic 1/2 in drive 40-200 nm for the bigger stuff , about 60 bear tokens, good strong and accurate :)

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I have a snap-on 3/8 and 1/2" but without doubt would buy halfords next time.

Calibrating the snap-ons cost as much as buying a new halfords version.

The halfords ones are very solid and well put together and totally eclipse anything else such as draper and teng.

Awesome value for money especially if you have a trade card (20% off own brand tools)

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Believe it or not, I bought a Laser (!!!!!!!!!) half inch drive (300ft lbs) to do a brake conversion on a Mini last year for round about £100, and I hate to say it, (my smaller one is Norbar) but it does what it says on the tin. Came complete with a calibration certificate and instructions to have the thing re-calibrated regularly. I mean for what it cost....... Had a mate check it out at his work and it was spot on in terms of accuracy

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£79 to £48 for the biggie

£69 to £29 for the smaller one



That's AMAZING VALUE! I have a £10 voucher for Halfords as well so that'll be £19 for me :D

Must say I don't use one at home, use them all the time at work but at home I'm pretty good at guessing :lol: Haven't rebuilt an engine though so...

For £19 I'll have one though, might be handy one day :)

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As mine seems wounded since the 90 reversed over it :rofl:

So, need a new one, needs to be decent, and more importnantly accurate

Who recomends which / what and why ?

(Price idicators would be good too :) )


If you don't mind spending money I can recommend the Stahlville Manoskop series of torque wrenches.


They have the advantage that you do not have to reset after use. You can leave them set at whatever torque you want forever without causing any damage.

This is because the spring is not under tension while the wrench is not used. Only when you turn a nut using the wrench is the spring under tension. In this thread are pictures of the mechanism http://www.garagejournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36219

They come in a great number of models. Fixed or removable ratchet, models that takes rectangular inserts, so you can have a ring or fork at the end instead of a ratchet, many different torque intervals etc.

In general the quality is second to none. Over here it common to walk into a mechanics shop and see they have brought all their handtools from one manufactor, with one exception their Stahlville torque wrenches.

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