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TD5 Inlet manifold pressure sensor


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I have had a long standing issue with my td5 whereby it stutters and misfires at highish revs, and particularly when under load.

Having changed loads of stuff, including the fuel pump, the injector loom (including cleaning out the oil at the ecu end), the fuel pressure regulator, and the MAF, it is still there...

I finally got some diagnostics onto the ECU whis reported, along with a number of standard fault codes, that the turbo was overboosting, and the manifold pressure was too high. This lead me to believe that the pressure sensor may be at fault (as it's more accessible and cheaper than the turbo).

I have cleaned up the offending sensor, as it was very oily (EGR valve still in place, and probably stuck).

Having taken the truck for a run, i now cannot get it to stutter or misfire, but a similar thing happened last time I cleared down the fault codes.

I haven't heard of this sensor being commonly faulty, so I thought I wouls ask to see if anyone else had had the same problem?

Is it likely that the turbo is over boosting or should I just change the sensor anyway...

if so, does anyone have the part no for it?



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is the wastegate stuck closed? that would cause the overboost issue

'Twas on mine. Similar symptom cured after I made sure the waste-gate linkage was all clean and free to move and then applied LOW pressure to the diaphragm to see the whole thing operate. Check also the pipe from manifold to waste-gate diaphragm as a split will cause the same symptom. IIRC, mine had slightly perished at one end.


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