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New boots and wheels arrived!

Off Road Toad

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New Silverstone Extremes arrived last night and i'm very happy now :D - especially as the trucks been on rollerskates since selling my crawlers :( . Basically after all the BS from the usual tyre suppliers in this country about not being able to get hold of 35's we had a little look further away. Pneus online are a French company, they have an English website(amongst others) they have plenty in stock at a better price than anywhere in the UK and FREE delivery!. I parted with my money on monday and after being asked for a varification that i am who i say i am (fax of a utility bill) i was able to track my order online. First i could see my tyres were collected from a depot in Holland on Wednesday, then got to the UK on thursday, Arrived at Crawley depot on Friday morning and finally delivered Friday afternoon.

VERY happy man and totally recommend this company. :D

Just got to get em fitted now :ph34r:

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I ordered 35" X 11.50 R16 and they measure in at 35.5". So far had them on the truck for a day, they hold on the road pretty well as they are slightly softer compound than my old Simex, they have a much more open tread pattern than the Simex (even though they appear at first glance to be identical - they're not) and i haven't had them balanced yet but they feel perfect as they are!. I will be putting balancing beads in them as they inevitably gather offroad cuts etc.

I Think they are a bargain when compared to the outrageous price of a Simex (about £80 cheaper than Simex per tyre) They are a new tyre aswell so not remoulded!


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i've had a set on our challenge truck for a year now and they have performed very well in every type of terrain, the handling with lockers is erm interesting on greasy tarmac!! they self clean a lot better than the simex and are wearing very well, the only critiscm i have is they seem very stiff on the sidewalls. i would recommend them and will certainly be getting another set if and when these wear out.

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