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has any one fitted a lift kit to a freelander 1?

there seam to be 2 options

spacers on top of shocks or

new extended springs and shocks

as i use the car every day what would be the best all round option??

also does any one know some one who sells afordable under body protection??

many thanks jon

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if its your daily drive why would you want to lift it? in fairness Freelanders corner very well and have good clearance,also dont forget you are obliged to inform your insurance company of any modifications it will put up your premium for sure, and if you dont and you have to claim, or are claimed against you will find yourself uninsured and liable

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Spacers are a bit of a cheat - easy/cheap but only gain height, which you don't always want. Longer springs & shocks (should) also gain you suspension travel which is preferable.

As to the quality of available kits and how they may affect the FL's drivetrain / handling etc. I've no idea as I've not seen/heard anyone using them.

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It will ruin the handling of your car and make it more for off-road use than on road use.

That's a bit strong, if well thought-out you can gain a bit of height/travel without excessively altering the characteristics of a vehicle. Obviously it won't drive the same, but it needn't be horrible or dangerous.

Of course, the likelihood of a mass produced lift kit actually being well thought-out and using quality parts is relatively low so yes you will probably ruin it :lol::ph34r:

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