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I have noticed the other day that my turbo is sounding differnt to it used to,

At 2500rpm it sounds normal, but at 3000rpm above its skreaming instead on whistleing.

Reason I ask it that I got a leaflet at the LRO show about turbos.. I dont know if you of you got one, it was in the freebee bags.

And it said for noisy turbo, air pipes split or poped of, broken gaskit or knackerd turbocharger?

I would like a secand oppinion in this please? Its done 230000 miles.. well the engine and its the original turbo!..



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i had a similiar problem with a 300tdi that had done 160,000.

the turbo as soon as you reached the boost part of driving would squeel, after alot of head scratching, going around the pipes looking fo splits etc. turned out to be the wastegate flap inside the manifold was slightly loose causing air to escape.

hth cheers.

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