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ACE System Failure


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A friend of mine has an early Discovery II on which the ACE system has failed. The pipework has corroded, and loss of fluid has done for the pump. He's had an estimate of £800 - £1,000 to fix this which isn't an economic proposition, and so needs help.

Is it sensible to consider bypassing the ACE pump by fitting a non-ACE auxiliary belt? I imagine the ECU might need to be reset and, possibly, different anti-roll bars would be required?

Are there other options?

Many thanks,


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You should be able to remove the entire system and bypass the ecu warning light either by using a diagnostics system or by simply removing the bulb in the dash so that it doesn't register for your friendly MOT man.

In terms of replacement you could fit standard non variable anti roll bars or do as many like I have done run without them. I removed mine on a lifted D1 with OME lift and found no changes at all in the cars performance on road and the extra travel is much appreciated when off road.



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