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Bad Vibes


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Recently replaced a very leaky steering box on the 110, without damage to myself or said vehicle.

So wife goes off shopping in it. When she gets back "there's a really bad vibration through the steering and it wanders all over the road"

"Bugger, whats broke this time" thinks I.

So tears apart the front end and replaces anything that that looked iffy, even reset the swivel pre-load.

Goes for test drive and bugger me if the damn thing was virtually un-drivable.

Re-checks all the previous work, gives grief to the place I bought the steering box from, then noticesthe front offside tyre..............

The trashed sidewall was on the inside, looking at the tyre whilst on the vehicle, well it looked perfectly OK. Even when it was lying in the garden..

Smell it madam, I was sitting in it.

post-25095-011761200 1284821551_thumb.jpg

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only 65K just run in then :hysterical:

Kuhmo do a 265/70/17 in the KL71, Ive got KL71 on the Disco and done 30K with little wear


General do the AT2 in that size as well

And BFG do them in that size in both AT and MT

So you have no excuse....... except having to part with more beer tokens :o

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It don't help that wheels and tyres were on my previous 110, which sat outside (not on blocks) for over a year!.. At least the Wildcats stayed round - had a vehicle on BFG's that also sat around for about 6 months and the tyres turned oval - tried a dozen times to have em balanced, but they were just carp, ain't bought BFG's since.

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