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Background information here

As well as my personalised numberplate, (G13MUD for those who don't know) I got the domain name gbmud.co.uk for my birthday at the same time - thanks RocKeR :). I have been using that as my email addres for some time but never had a website there.

Now that I am working on setting up a "greenlane tour" business I will be having a website and will need a name for the business as well as the website - something relevant, memorable and spelled phonetically(sp?). I would like the same name for both - there is nothing worse than trying to remember a different web address to the name of a company. I would like to use the name gbmud but I need some feedback on what impression that gives. Does it suggest that we operate only in the UK? The longer term aim is to offer trips abroad. Does it give the wrong impression about what we do re. mud, ruts, tread lightly, getting bogged? I have thought long and hard about the ethics of doing this sort of thing and I intend to operate responsibly with a proper tread lightly policy.

The way in which search engines (apparently) work would suggest that gbmud.co.uk may not be a good name for a website. (Sandbag knows a little about this) They apparently get better ranking (more likely to go to the top of the list!) if the name of the website is the same as the search terms used - ie. if you were to search for "gb" and "mud" then gbmud.co.uk would score well but if you searched for "greenlane" and "tour" it would not do so well. There is more to it than that, of course, but it is something to think about as I hope that most of my business will come through the website initially - being replaced in the longer term by personal recccommmmendation.

So, can anyone think of a good name to use? It needs to be easy to remember, easy to spell (phonetic), and ideally, describe what the company does - and not be too long! I propose to offer trips for all types and levels of 4x4 and user as well as for road legal quads. Of all the names I have considered I still favour the name gbmud.co.uk but, as I mentioned above, perhaps that sends the wrong messages.

It goes without saying that any member of this forum is welcome to tag along on trips - as long as there is sufficient space and they do not mind closing gates behind them! :)



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The domain name is only one of the factors in achieving a high search engine ranking so it's not the be-all and end-all.

I agree that perhaps GBMud casts the wrong impression for green laning expeditions - but it could still be suitable for other types of trip. To that end, I would have a number of domains reflecting different subsets of you target market.

Some people will be put off by thoughts of deep mud & ruts, but at the same time, others will be put off by the idea of just 'rambling' in a 4x4 through easy terrain.

OK, company/domain names:




WheelTrack Adventures Incorporated

I'll keep thinking!


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How about something that describes what you do yet is still catchy, like....


although you may have to get a 110 or even 130 to fit that on :lol:

I have checked and suprisingly the domain is still available, best be quick :rolleyes:

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I forgot to mention in my last post that we spent a few years traveling the routes we now use.... on our own/with friends.

Paying customers expect things to be just so... ie.. YOU know where you are going /where the garages are /shops/campsites etc.( booking ahead is a must for campsites for large parties)

How long it takes you to get from A 2 B, standing scratching your head whilst looking at a map/GPS doesnt look professional, and if the track is blocked for some reason you need to know a differant route ASAP.

Also never promise that you will be in "A" at such and such a time, or that you are going to see such and such.

Again, paying customers expect to get what they think they paid for!

P.S. i got told off for "looking for business" when i first spoke about Alpine Rovers ;)

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I like the ancientway idea - I would go with something historic-sounding rather than anything with mud in the title.

Something like ancientway or (just come up with this idea - historicroutes) sounds better to me - doesn't bring up image of the off-roader/mud/damaging lanes type of thing.

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