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Drop arm ball joint spring

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Hi, Sorry to re-raise a perennial subject but..having just rebuilt a drop arm balljoint as per the Tech Archive's excellent threads I was happy until I happened to look in the (official)Range Rover manual I have and caught sight of a section of the ball joint (or at least a very similar one). The thread suggests the small end of the spring should be downwards, the manual suggests upwards. Does it matter, or this a RR/Defender difference? The Defender manual I have doesn't show a drawing.



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I did mine last week and put the small end of the spring down as shown in the tech archive and the old spring came out that way. Just checked in the Landrover Defender manual and that says small end up so don't know if it makes much differance but i'm sure someone will be along to say wether or not it matters.


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It doesn't matter :)

Big end to the ball seems to make sense as there's an acceptable amount of play in the assembly (it'll move up and down a small amount - even when new). With large end on the ball, it acts as a cup, rather than a pressure point in one small area.

Although it probably doesn't matter.

Les :)

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The Defender manual I have doesn't show a drawing

not shown in the LR RAVE CD manual but in my copy of Defender manual LDWMEN93, Chapter 4,Sect 57, para 11 says fit spring small diameter facing towards he ball, see attached pages below [just for reference, not saying anyone is wrong]

post-20-032754400 1284903180_thumb.jpg

post-20-081881300 1284903201_thumb.jpg

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