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Rear End Layout


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Just wanted to gather opinion....what is the correct rear end layout for a 1972 Series III? Currently mine looks like this:

post-10578-023122300 1284917614_thumb.jpg

I'm pretty sure the lights are upside down, the stop/tail lights should be at the top and the indicators underneath? At least, this is how the Defenders are (albeit further apart).

Is the number plate on the correct side? It doesn't really seem to fit very well on the right, the door hinge impairs available space. There would be more space on the left, but then no room for the numberplate lamp (not fitted in photo above, but put on for the MOT (required apparently)) due to the Land Rover badge. Or should the badge be on the right?

Also I need to get a new set of number plates anyway, want to get some black/silver ones as the vehicle is entitled after all!

Any pointers much appreciated :)

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Looking at the original sales brochures:

SIII 88 Numberplate on RHS, indicators uppermost, no seperate numberplate light, assume there was a clear glass in the bottom of tailight. Reflectors slightly above the cross-member, as low as possible but fixed to the tub.

V8 ditto, but with numberplate illumination (on level with brakelights) and reverse lights on level with and inboard of the indicators.

All models front, sidelights at the top

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Ok, that's a great help. Cheers.

My brake lights don't have a built in plate lamp, so I will stick with the later one I have fitted. Seems to work fine. Will trim the number plate down a bit so that it fits a bit better though, and remove the silly bottle opener that I put on without thinking about what would be in the way!

Reflectors are installed, the garage stuck on some cheapo ones for me when doing the MOT as I forgot about them. Got some proper ones somewhere so will screw those into the proper location.

Thanks again.

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