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Wolf Mirror Arms


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am i right in thinking the mirror arms are longer than a standard defender one ?

does anybody know how much further it sticks out compared to a standard one ?

and does anybody have a part number ?

just thought they would be better fitted for towing a caravan etc.


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Yes, the arm is longer on the side that has the spare wheel fitted. also the arms are different to the rest of the 90/110 range as the mirror heads are different ad have a different fixing method.

if you want to buy them:

MTC 5083 Mirror Arm, Short

RRC 8400 Mirror Head

RRC 8443 Mirror Arm, Long

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JST is right! They are useless and fold down at any speed over 40mph! They are also made of plastic not glass, so scratch more easily making it harder to see anything in them! :unsure:

TOP TIP: if you see a Wolf indicating, give him room as he wont be able to see you!! :rolleyes:

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