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Standard or extended bumpstop question

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Another question.. My rebuild is coming along ok given the poor weather of late but I noticed today that the front bumpstops were missing from the new chassis so decided to transfer the old ones from the rusty chassis and they came off in my hand.

Question is my new chassis has a two inch suspension lift, do I need extended bumpstops fo as little as a 2" lift?



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Bumpstops also stop you destroying shocks. You need to ensure your shock does not bottom out at full articulation - i.e. the axle hits the bumpstop before the shock reaches the end of its travel. I would leave an inch safety margin as in battle the bumpstop will compress a fair bit. Note I said articulation, not just full bump.

Ideally, the spring should not be coil bound at this point too otherwise you will get very large forces transmitted into the spring seat which it will not enjoy.

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