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Engine Identification


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Can anyone help me identify the source of a BMW 2.5 Diesel engine?

I was told it came from a Range Rover, but I have my doubts.

The engine numbers I have located are;

22508652 256TI


Is there anything else I can look for?

Thanks in advance

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In the Workshop Manual, Introduction, Location of Identification Numbers, it says

Engine serial number - BMW Diesel engine

Stamped on the LH side of the cylinder block above the sump.

There is no picture, but my 1995 MY engine number has 9 digits, starting 322

I cannot find anything in the Workshop Manuals or Technical Bulletins which list the number range of BMW engines fitted to Range Rovers.

I don't recall a physical difference that shouts Land Rover instead of BMW.

There is always a possibility that number lists exist in the BMW world, where the engine is classed, IIRC, as the M51 engine.

The same possibility exists in the Vauxhall world, for the engine used in the Omega. If your engine appears in those lists it's bad news, assuming you want a Land Rover sourced engine.


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