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p.t.o UJ's


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YEs - part no for the UJ spider is HS120 I think - would suggest you check the dimension to make certain however!

WHich bottom bearing and seal?? The one on the pto or the one on the winch?



i dont now if it makes any difference its for a 110 pto not a series

thanks jon


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They will probably be the same part no's for a 110 or Series. I think the drive shafts were all the same at 3/4" dia (19mm or so), and I would expect the UJ yokes to be the same.

Off my post on the OLLR forum

"Also for anyone that would like to know, I have the GKN part number for the uj's for these winches. You need 3.

GKN pn 18035

£17.34 + VAT + P&P

Tel: 0121 313 1661

I have managed to get equivalent uj's down to about 9.50ish + VAT from local bearing factors, but speaking to people who have used these winches, the uj's are under a lot of stress, and don't generally last too long, so I made the decision to go for OE spec ones."

Hope this helps,


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thanks Effortless.

done a bit of a strip down to find how bad the pto was main bearings wasnt to bad but the bottom inner and outer bearings fell apart

post-1882-016612300 1285530049_thumb.jpg

post-1882-029989200 1285530674_thumb.jpg

the bearings that sit on the sharft are all buggered

how do i get the sleeves off the sharft

post-1882-049974400 1285529586_thumb.jpg

undun all the alankeys

sleeves rusted in place

whats left of the UJ's and bearing's

post-1882-047204900 1285530888_thumb.jpg


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