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Hi all,

Not too sure where to post this so feel free to move to the appropriate place. I currently drive a '94 300tdi disco and insurance is up for renewal. I was paying around £24 per month, now they want £49 a month. Any of you folks know of cheap insurance companies who arn't out to rip you off? I've been to Adrian flux, NFU, Performance direct, Heritage and other specialist 4x4 insurers and they all want over £700 before I add her-indoors on. Also done the obvious Meerkat, Compare, Moneysupermarket etc. Truck is bog standard at the moment so looks like it'll be staying that way for a while. :( . Thanks in advance

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Adding 'Er Indoors normally help reduce premiums, contrary to what you might expect; unless perhaps she has a bad track record :lol:

Or she's a Doctor! Would have added £200 to one of my policies - but strangely, added nothing to another with the same company on a different vehicle.

Anyway, back on topic. There must be something in your risk profile which is putting it up. There will be a more specialist insurer for whom this is not a big deal. It may not be something obvious - but something mundane like the colour of the car. If the underwriters have been hit by a spate of claims from people with white cars, the next year the risk profile hits white cars. Go to a white car specialist - and they understand that it's not as much of a risk and don't penalise owners as much.

In short - keep looking! I have found the companies who advertise in Exchange & Mart good for rock bottom high risk prices.


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I thought my union would understand my needs and be able to provide the right cover for good money, Wrong, they quoted me for a 6 year old Micra, not the insurance for a 6 year old Micra as in £700 odd.

Tesco, £212 with business use. Even with all my no claims on it I only had a couple of quotes that were less than the RRC.

Insurance is a scam, I have about 20 years no claims, they should be paying me by now.

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Thanks for the quick advise there folks, will keep looking. The excuse they gave me was that the original insurer no longer insured 4x4's. I can't think of anything off hand that would put it up that high. Doubling in price was a shock though. Will look in exchange and mart, never thought of that one and go through the hundreds of E-mails recieved from online quotes.

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