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D2 front prop removal


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Removed the front prop from my 2001 Td5 tonight - the middle joint of the double cardan is very notchy ( the one between the 2 universal joints) .

Disco wouldn't move then - remembered reading that earlier D2's had difflock but it was not connected. Had a good look and found the 'selector' .

Moved it in to difflock ( front flange locked ) and Disco drove OK - but a few lights on .

I presume driving like this will cause no further damage - apart from a few lights on ?

Any advice welcome .

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As long as the front Axle isn't connected you can drive around in Centre diff. lock

You may find it a bit 'bangy' when you pull away or take up drive, this is due to the backlash in the locking ring in the T'box - but it's fine .. It's a "Land Rover thing"

But you're fine to drive around in rear axle / centre diff lock


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