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confused over v8 exhaust options..

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hi all,

i'm sorry for yet another exhaust post but i'm confused over the options available and dont want to get it wrong.

basically my factory v8 is running standard manifolds and an old stainless (double S?) system but this exhaust has seen far better days and has been blowing since i got the 90 almost two years ago.

It did pass the mot last year but i was told that it wont pass this year. Having inspected the system i can see that it's basically blowing in various places on the main silencer and also around the rear smaller silencer so i dont see the point of trying to fix it.

One of the main reasons for buying my 90 was for the v8 soundtrack which is great underload from the cabin but doesn't quite have the rumble on tickover or low revs i want. my 90 is just a weekend get dirty toy so putting a louder exhaust wont cause me issues but i dont really a straight through system to create a chav sound either. As the exhaust has been blowing for so long i'm not even sure that it was meant to sound like when sealed correctly. I dont also like the idea of buying a system then having to play around installing a cheery bomb or removing a silencer etc i would rather get it right and get it off the shelf.

After searching on here and other sites and rulling out a custom exhaust (mainly due to being quoted £1660 all in last year for a complete system inc manifolds + fitting) i seem to have a couple of options and was really after some feedback please.

1. rimmerbros do a complete stainless sports exhaust system for just under £500 inc manifolds

2. keep the existing standard manifolds and buy another system from say double s again? any other recommendations?

do you think either of these off the shelf systems will give me a better soundtrack? i know it's almost an impossible question as you guys can't hear my 90 with it's teabag system but i'm hoping that someone will reply having bought one and be able to let me know their thoughts etc.

basically my 90 is a keeper and i plan to keep the engine standard but i would like to unlock the v8 rumble more without spending a fortune and i'm confused over having to change or not change the manifolds and what system to opt for. While searching some posts i found suggested fitting a system with no back pressure then posts replied saying it has to have back pressure especially as it's a v8. There was also a post a while back about someone breaking stainless manifolds a couple of times and being suggested to return to the standard cast ones which i have on mine hence my confusion...

sorry for the long winded post - one day i will learn how to ask a question simply..

any feedback or advice would be great.



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thanks for the prompt reply.

I've emailed an enquiry to the top link.

td5 don't seem to offer any products for my v8 by the looks of it..

janspeed is going to cost a lot more and my opinion is that you are paying a premium for the name. Looking at there prices i would estimate a complete manifold and system to be close to a bespoke one where i can have more input. Could be wrong.

anyone running a janspeed system for a 90 v8? if so would love to hear your views?

thanks again


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I too have a Double S system fitted to my Ninety. The truck was a factory built 3.5 V8, so this system was a straight forward bolt on fit.

It's not intrusive in the cabin, you still know you're driving a V8, and does sound good from outside, in a moderately subtle way.

Even if your truck is just a toy, a day off-roading with raucous V8 noise booming through the cab can change from sounding nice and making you smile, to an ear-ringing headache that can be somewhat tiring. I know this from a day spent driving a mate's cherry bomb equipped hybrid.

Anyway, my point is that my system will be coming off soon-ish, and is still perfectly serviceable. It could be yours as easy replacement if you're interested.

Now the car is powered by a 3.9 I am planning to fit the 3.9 cast manifolds, coupled to the front non-cat 3.9 downpipes and Y-piece from a RRC. With a minor length adjustment this will to joined to the silencers and rear pipes from a Td5 Defender 90. The pipes are different diameters, but one sleeve nicely inside the other. I've no idea how the sound track will play, hopefully not to load.

To achieve this I will have to change the gearbox cross member from the early square section style to the RRC round section item.

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I had 2 Janspeed systems

1st was "A special" made for me - awfull. It was removed on collection as I refused to pay for the work

and they put my old mess back on (which was better)

the 2nd was Downpipes - poorly made / designed as they were clouted and damaged by the prop U/J unit

they were again uninterested but luckily for me I sold it all, and would never ever

deal with them again, they may now be under new ownership, but unsure what that means product wise.

Frnkly all the off the shelf systems I have seen are equally poor, Y pieces means squash the 2 pipes jam into a

slightly bigger tube then spray with a poor mig welder :(

Have a lookie at my custome exhaust thread - far far less then your £1600+ quote and bear in mind mine is 3"

tube which costs more and takes longer than prob what you wnat Daves work is frankly better than superb :)


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Rick, I bought the system you mention from rimmer bros for my v8 90 a few years ago and would highly reccommend it. It fits properly and sounds lovelly. its not too noisy (I do about 15,000 miles a year in mine) but sounds meaty from the outside of the vehicle. It sounded a bit tinny for about 1000 miles but is spot on now, with a bit of soot in it. hope this helps, Dave.

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Hi all,

Yet again thanks for all the comments.

Mickyw - thanks for the offer but really wanted a new system to be honest.

Fridgefreezer - a bit far from Kent but worth considering

Hybrid - I remember your custom post. I emailed them last year and they were the company that quoted £1660 for the manifolds and system.

Crazydave - ah that good to know.

It is worth changing the manifolds? Will I feel or hear a benefit?

Thanks again


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Unless you have something really special use 3.9 twin exit port cast manifolds.

4>1 Headers are not that good for 4x4s, it moves the powerband UP the rev rnage

What you need is 4>2>1 each side, 3.9s cast manifolds do the 1st bit 4>2, and with these the bill will drop hugely

Having customTubular Manifolds made is swerious work and therefore money

I used JED Cast manifolds, as even handmade ones can crack when hot and then being dunked in water

Aviod 4.6 ones for that reason

Get a re quote using 3.9 Manifolds :)


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I Have A full Rimmerbros system on my 3.9. Tubular Manifolds and system.

Fitted really well and sounds brilliant plus I thought the cost was nice too.

It sound fantastic, has a gorgeous burble at idle, when you plant it it really roars. Its definately a distinctive note. Its not ridiculously loud but you bloomin well know its there.

Had it about a year and a half now I guess and its still great.

Have a listen for yourself.

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I ditched my tubular manifolds and bolted cast ones back on, easier all round. The rest of the system was custom made in stainless for £very reasonable by FastFit at Basingstoke.

I agree tubular manifolds are a pain, they take up so much space making things difficult to work on.

I run my V8 with only the centre box, it makes the sound track better and reduces the cost.

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You could try pipe craft in Basildon, Essex.

Its just across the river from you...

The chap there is very good and builds each exhaust by hand and to your requirements.

I have Headman exhaust manifolds on my V8, the chap at Pipe craft fabricated everything from the headers backwards for around £250 ish.

my system is single box side exit, sounds great and doesn't drone on the motorway, think his name is Dean or Darrel.

Dont have his number to hand but you can Google pipe craft


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Hammo - would my standard 3.5 sound the same?

Also if I bought a system (liking the system - loving the sound) could I use the standard manifolds or would I have to use only their manifolds?


Im not entirely sure. Is it EFi or carb? Iv slways thought the carbed ones sounded a bit more beefy if not louder but I could be wrong.

As for the manifolds I cant help you there im sorry but Im sure if you popped an email over to Rimmerbros or give them a shout then they could help you.

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