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HELP, im scared!

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in my Td5 90, I finally got round to attaching the snorkel to the engine with some flexi hose today and then covered over the end to see if it was water tight.... and engine didnt stall, but then it wouldnt rev up until I opened the end up again. (is this ok for a start, or does it need to stall then engine?)

after playing for a while I noticed slight smoke in the cab. the ECU is in the cubby box, but i couldnt deside if it was coming from that, battery box or elsewhere, but it ONLY smokes in the cab when you cover the air intake up. other wise its fine.

what the hell is going on?!?!?!

Thanks, Pete

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I am fairly certain that the snorkel shouldn't be able to stall the engine unless you go to real extremes like sealing your airbox.

As for the smoke, what did it smell like? My guess would be exhaut gasses. If the joint under the seat isn't sealed correctly, when the truck is stationary those gasses would come up through the floor. Its something you wouldn't notice unless you were stood still.

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Is there not a air mass flow sensor? Being TD5 it can probably recognise that there is lack of air flow, so it stope you being able to rev the engine so you don;t damahe something...? just a guess.

Smoke being... white? can you see it? smell it, feel it?

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