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D2 Rear Air Suspension Still Dropping PLEASE HELP


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Hi All,

I am still having trouble with our 2001 Discovery 2 TD5’s rear air suspension. So any advice would be welcome.

It used to drop after about two weeks of no use, but now getting more frequent. Drivers side dropping more than the passenger side.

Read the forums and everything pointed to the air springs, even though no leaks could be found.

New air springs fitted (ouch!) Replaced compressor and solenoid valves but once to correct height, drops within hours, , 50 mm in four hours at which point the passenger side settles, but drivers side continues to drop another 20mm or so over nine hours.

This is with or without compressor or vavles electricallly connected, Tried to get to ride height then isolate air springs supply, but still the same, although not sure how successful isolating was.

just as it did just prior the changing the springs. This happens in O/R mode as well.

Compressor inflates almost straight away, no signs of a leaks anywhere.

Where should I be looking now?

The battery had gone flat sometime ago, could the load sensors lose their position?

Is there a procedure for disconnecting them to clean contacts up?

Will they find their position if I inflate system, disconnect battery, unplug sensors, re-connect battery then plug in sensors.

I know there will be those of you out there saying go to coils, but.

You wouldn’t buy a Breitling watch, then check the time on your mobile.

Any Ideas?

Many thanks


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We had the same problem on our D2 (51). Replaced air bags which made it seemed to sort it but would occasionally go down. About the same time we were having lots of flat batteries, which turned out to be a low battery in the Keyfob not shutting the car off completely. When this was changed everything was perfect and the suspension didn't drop again in the 6months before we sold her.

I don't know exactly how related the two were, might have just been a coincidence!


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Just in case it wasn't clear. Eveverything seems to work fine with engine running.

Suspension rises to normal height and O/R mode

Compressor turns off when a do is opened.

But when the engine is turned off, the rear drops, with the Dvrs air spring deflated and pass side with some air still in.

Where to next?

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