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Defender 3.9 efi

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Can anybody help me i am fitting a 3.9 efi engine into my defender and all wwent well untill now.Im battling with the wirring for the white and brown plug.Does anybody know where the wires need to go.I have figured out some of the but if somebody have the wire colours and where to put them i will very gratefull



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Main wires are as follows :

The "Big" Brown wire goes to a decent live, this draws the main power which can be more than people 1st think

The White & Purple = Fuel Pump Live, the other wire from the fuel pump goes to a GOOD Earth on chassis

Then there is a smaller White - this must go to a "Live" but one that is "Switched" - ie only live when the ignition is "On" - do

not get this muddled up with 'Cranking live' = live when cranking and then dead afterwards, thuis must be live AFTER Cranking has finished and its running.

Inside the engine bay the single black & white wire having a in line resistor (which must be fitted), looks like a cumputer black chip with terminals ends both sides this connects to negative side of the coil

Also look through the loom, there are some eraths that go to the back of the heads, these are essential and must be decent clean earths

Also run an extra earth from engine block to chassis =- again ensure fresh metal to metal and tight as a tight thing

That should make it run.

If its from a CAT V8 change the tune resistor for a green one too

Also fit the road speed transducer, as without it tickover and over run to stationary can be poor or erratic to bad



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But my white plug only has 24 pins and the brown has got 7.The brouwn plug i have managed to sort as the fuel pump feeds from there but the white plug with the 24 pins is the problem.I also find no white wire to go to the ignition all the wires have colours or white with colours.

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