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Abingdon 4x4 Festival

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So who is going this year?

This is my first year with a truck, but gone to the last three I think!

Hosted at Dalton Barracks near abingdon, Oxfordshire.

GPS NORTH 51° 40.640.601 WESTERLY 1° 18.870 for the ENTRANCE GATE. If you need a post code for your Sat Nav, OX13 6JQ is the nearest.

Abingdon is located on the A34 North of the M4 and South of the M40. Take the A415 Marcham Interchange exit, taking the 1st exit if coming from the south or the 3rd exit if coming from the north. The festival is about 2 minutes from this roundabout on the right.

Nice little show, with a few trade stands, LR related and not. And the offroad course which is a reasonable length! :)

I will be there both days I think. Unless I spend Saturday working on the truck!

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Ive heard conflicting reports about this show in the past but have never been myself yet.

Is the offroad course worth doing or is it really a bit tame like most shows?

Oh b*gger, just realised its this weekend anyway no chance of me attending!

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I have been for the last 2 years as a Marshall with Borg and will be there again tomorrow and sunday. I hear from the setup where dad is (alas it was work for me today :angry: ) that it is much wetter and rather muddy compared to previous years which should be gd for the course.


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I'll be there, probably both days. Poor old Disco is going to have the shock of it's life! Only hope I don't have head trouble straight after like last year...

I have to say that it's a very well organised event, with plenty of marshalls and even though the course is a little tame, it's got something for everyone, no matter how much your car cost!

I only hope there are more things to do outside the course. The jumble was poor, and the stands were a little thin on the ground. But that is my only critisism. Overall, worth going I think,

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