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1997 300 tdi


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I managed to get a 300 for £540 140 thou, 4 months tax, but no MOT. Failure sheet with a load of welding to do(usual places and then some) :( I thought it would be simple enough fixer and it will do the wife.

Rust eaten areas, body mts x 6, d/s and p/s front floor, rear passenger floor d/s and p/s sides, sills both sides inner and outer boot floor ok ish but the metal on its perimeter gone, rear panels across where door jam is rotten.Chassis will need repairs also. I can do a bit of welding, any thing done to date has been ok with the MOT people. What would this have cost had it been farmed out. :o

All of these areas were not fully apparant on inital look over. It is only when you get it home and rip out that f???ing sponge out and have a good tap around that you then know what you have or thought you had. :blink:

Good 300tdi engine for the 110 me thinks. :P

Be careful what you buy.

Please excuse the rant. :D

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Mine was pretty much the same...its all do-able if you are prepared and want to put the work in...

Welding can be the cheapest form of repair if you can do it yourself...metal from a fabricator is quite cheap to buy, and I would recommend box section for the sills, which, is what i did on mine - £76 for both sections delivered. And...3mm thick, they wont go in a hurry...(theres great archives on how tos on here!)

My plan of attack was to start at the passenger front wing and work all down that side of the car....

move across the front and do both front body mounts....and these were rebuilt from scratch and plate..

then, start at rear drivers side - replacing all rear wheel arch, inner wings (mines 2dr)...sill, then the worst of all...the drivers front floor \ and inner wing - right up to the headlight and most of the headlight box.

There were a few other areas i patched like boot floor and rear body mounts..

you gotta work to a plan - or at that price, sell it on as its probably in the right area pricewise for its condition...

Dont even start asking about quotes to have it done... :(

hope this helps...if you want, if you PM me, i can send some snaps of mine as i documented a lot of the work - you might get an idea of what you want to do...


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Thanks for the reply. It just seems to be the way they all go. My 200tdi Disco was very similar in the rust and rot areas. Got it sorted and had it through the mot 3/4 times. I am of the opinion that once its done to a goodish standard not original mind its worth holding on to.

Just plod on then. :D

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