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hydraluic winch with electric PS pump


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Not actually for my Land Rover but another 4x4. I have a 12000lb Milemarker and wanted to run this with a Saxo electric power steering pump. Has anyone done this?

I remember reading in the archive about it but cannot think where it was and it was light on detail

I simply want a self recovery winch so slow speed is not an issue. I don't want to run this with a mechanical pump as I already have too many accessory belts on this engine and the aggro of mounting the pump

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Line pull is a function of motor torque, which for hydraulic motors, is a function of hydraulic system pressure.

Line speed is a function of motor rpm, which for hydraulic motors, is a function of hydraulic system flow rate.

If the electric power steering system produces enough pressure at a reasonable flow rate, then it will work.

I don't know anything about the power system you are contemplating.

Be aware that compared to running an electric winch, your proposed system will draw more from the battery and charging system to do the same work. This is because of extra losses - one system converts electrical energy into mechanical work, the other converts the electrical energy into hydraulic energy then into mechanical work, thus greater losses due to friction etc. in the second system.

A normal hydraulic winch system is not as efficient as an electric winch, but it is not normally a concern as it uses the engine to drive the hydraulic pump, where the electric winch system is only able to use the engine in a limited manner, via the alternator.

Even if you are not concerned about the winch speed, you will have all of the issues plus, that people with electric winches have - i.e. large auxiliary battery, battery isolation and charging system, etc.

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Why not run it off the existing PS pump in tandem, then no need for any additional pumps at all?

I'd disregarded this option. It is on a Gaz 66 so I don't know the capability of the Russian PS pump but I could substitute it with the the ZF pump I have and keep the leaky Russian one as spare

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I got the Milemarker because I particularly didn't want an electric winch to let me down at precisely the wrong moment. Yes, it does beg the question why I should want to put an electric pump on it though?

I did a bit of archive digging earlier and found the thread about the electric PAS pump



"2. We have tested the winch with a Citroen Saxo electric PS pump. Pulled a Disco with the handbrake on, through gravel, or about 1 tonne line load 15 metres using a disconnected battery and drew between 20 and 34 amps, much less than an electric winch and still had 12.36 volts on the battery after the pull. This was to demonstrate the solution to the "dead-engine" scenario. However, the line speed was slow with only 5 litres/min, but it is a backup, or fit 2 in parallel and you have 10 litres/min.

There are lots of other electric pumps, forklift, tailgate lift amd general industrial pumps but remember the higher the flowrate the more amps. Still less than an electric winch because the system is more efficient. I would aim for 12 litre/min at 120 bar."

I was hoping someone else had been down this route but it looks like just running it off of the existing PAS circuit will be best. Slow but steady, I wouldn't fancy an electric winches chances of pulling my Gaz at 4.5 tons out of a muddy hole though

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how about this for an off the wall solution

like the garage at our place have done, weve recently brought a lowloader trailer with a large and i mean large hydraulic winch on it, our tractor units dont have a pto powered pump, so what they have done is remove the 24v powered hydraulic pump off one of the old tailifts mounted that on the trailer and use that to power the winch,its a bit slow but it manages to power the 20 ton swl winch

ok so its abit slow but it does the job

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I have a spare hydraulic pressure reduction valve from a Milemarker system. It was used when a ZF74 was acting as PAS and winch pump. The valve splits the fluid and provides low pressure for the steering box, protecting the seals, but allows full pressure to the winch.

PM me if interested.

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