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Power steering


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Hi guys,

I've had a read through the writeups of fitting a PAS box to a series, but none of them mention any improvement in lock.

My S3 88 in standard form has trouble getting round a roundabout. What I really want from adding PAS (as well as not having aching shoulders at the end of a trip) is to be able to get round a corner.

Will I be able to improve the lock after fitting a PAS box? Are there any issues with tight steering angles and the UJs in the front axle?

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Yes, providing I'm moving the steering is light.

The problem is how tightly I can go round a corner. Getting round a mini roundabout normally means a 3 point turn. I'm hoping PAS will improve this as the drop arm will have a bigger swing than the standard series one.

However, improving the lock will mean that the swivels will be turning further. Am I going to run into problems with the UJs in the axle? Or anything else on the swivels for that matter?

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Fitting power steering would not change your turning circle.

It may aid your ability to put the lock on quicker but that's all.

Have you checked your lock stop adjustment to see how close to the springs your tyres are getting? Also what tyres do you have on it? With 7.50x16 on my Series 1 and the lock stops adjusted my tyres will just kiss the springs but can be made to jam into the spring if the stops are wound in too much. This is not what you should do just showing how far it can turn the steering without the UJs getting tied up.


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Im running 235/8.50 R16's on 7" rims with 30mm wheel spacers I have no problems with getting around corners. Ive set the steering stop bolts to allow the swivel seals to swing right around, but not enough to deform on the inner edge. This still allows 20mm of clearance to the leaf spring.

Check all your steering arms settle at MID POINT when your wheels are facing forward, they then cant be on full lock before the wheel is.

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