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Dash board removal


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can anyone explain to me in simple terms how to remove the dash board on a Landrover Disco 300tdi. I have got a water leak coming in on the Drivers side into the foot well. I have tried all the easy to get to places and this is the last resort.

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get a copy of the RAVE CDs its not that hard but you do need to know where all the screws are. I replaced one in 4.5 hours though that is at the quick end of the scale.

The leak may be cracks in the bulkhead where the body to chassis mounts go on, mine did this, liberal application of silicone sealant and a sheet of plastic over the top on the inside cured the leak even if it did nothing for structural integrity :ph34r:

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It's a thankless job if you don't find the answer...

Have you got no idea roughly where its coming In. I think the sunroof drains come in this side down the front pillar..

I rebuilt my football - wen I took the carpet and rubber mat out...there was a pool of water before I did the work...the rubber never went back in...

I would follow as per previous post as well...check around body mount...

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