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Conversion Plate For Series Crossmember


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I know that military and Defender rear cross members have the holes drilled correctly for NATO hitches, but I seem to remember hearing about adaptor plates being made to fit to a civvy Series rear cross member to save re-drilling.

Anyone know who made them or where I could get one ?

I've tried googling and come up blank.


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I think it might have been available as a genuine part ... seem to remember seeing it in a parts book once upon a time. I'll have a look some time (don't have a book at home) if nobody else does before me.

Somebody on here posted a photo of one on the old place, might have been Tonk? a pic of a NATO hitch attached to the back of a Series chassis, it was on the "bomb proof snatch tow point" thread I started which I just realised was one I forgot to save :(

Edited to say I just remembed I had it saved somewhere from ages back, it was a photo posted by Mark90 of a NATO hitch on the back of ALF.

I'll post the whole thread back up when I have time to sort out photo links etc ... another one escapes the evil clutches of the Green Reaper :lol:

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That's not a genuine kit, it's one I had made (at great expense :angry: ) and I took it off that back of Alf before selling it for two reasons, one I was keeping the nato hitch, and two I wan't happy with it's lack of bombproofness. Unfortunately one of the plates has now been chopped up to use as a backing plate for the nato hitch to go on the 90. But in hindsight it wasn't a good installation and if I was doing it again I'd either drill the rear crossmember to take the 4xM12 bolts in a nato pattern or at least drill out the top two holes in the crossmember to take some decent sized bolts.

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I've got one, and as it happens I don't need it anymore - no idea what they cost though as mine came with the hitch. Open to offers, but you're paying the P&P! :rolleyes:


Thanks for that - somone's offered me a dixon bate setup for a couple of beers that I'm going to try as that would let me swop to a normal ball as well.

If I may I'll keep you on the 'back up list' and get back to you if this doesn't work out.



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