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need advice on bad 200tdi oil leak


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I have a defender 110 200tdi that is leaking oil from the top of the engine [cover or head gasket area], now when i start it up there is white smoke, when i first start to drive it with engine cold it is fine, but when the temp guage goes up and the engine gets hot[roughly after 25 minutes or so] and i go to accelerate it is very very sluggish, very low power , if there is a leak in a gasket somewhere will this cause compression loss? a friend thought he saw bubbles coming out of the gasket area. I hope someone can answer my questions please.

jeff b

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I will try today, does it matter if the engine is cold or hot when checking this? If i continue to drive the vehicle am i making way more damage to the engine. should i stop driving the vehicle? thanx for the reply, every answer is free education, as i am a rover newbie too.

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