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Stripping a Record 25?


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So i got myself a Record 25 from ebay, super solid piece of kit!

While it works, I'd like to strip it down, and clean off the rust and manky grease before painting it all and regreasing/oiling the slide and screw, but i cant see how the two halves of the vice come apart?

Also cant seem to find any details online about stripping one of these, so has anyone done this before that could offer some pointers?



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Is yours the quick release type?

My last vice was a No2, but I snapped it :)

I have the quick release 25 now, which I stripped and cleaned.

There may be a bolt or removeable peg that limits the travel of the vice to prevent it accidentally coming apart. The quick release lever mechanism/twist bar, may be concealing it.

Need to know if it's quick release or not really.

Just found this, which might help.



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Yep quick release.

I found two screws on the front of the vice just above the quick release handle, removed those and that removed a retaining plate and allowed me to unscrew the main turning screw and the quick release arm.

With those out the main jaw section slid right out.

Just need to clean out all the gunge and perhaps give it a lick of paint while its apart!

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I stripped, cleaned, painted and rebuilt an old Record a few years ago - what a delightful and satisfying job! In spite of looking centuries old, once the remains of the paint and the masses of thick, soap-like grease and swarf had been removed from the mechanism it was still in excellent condition - in fact it looked like it was only just bedded-in :)

Reading this has reminded me how much I enjoyed the job - might have to go and buy another now (I got the last one for £10! )


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I will once i get some degreaser and things.

I pulled it apart earlier in the week roughly scraped off inches of crud and threw it back together with some oil for now.

I will get some new jaws for it, and make a decent effort at cleaning it up when i get some free time!

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Seems like the month for 25s!

Bought a 25 off eBay two weeks ago to replace my old 4" vice.

Had no idea how 'absolutely huge' these things are!

Although not terrible the jaws are lacking a bit of bite.... but sadly new jaws are nigh on £40 a set (inc postage)

Only paid that for the vice..... Anyone know of anywhere cheaper?

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I'd recommend a tweak - get some Whitworth csk socket screws to replace the existing slotted jaw screws, as the threads are quite coarse, and the screws can come a bit loose when hammering enthusiastically. If that happens they tend to bend, then it makes getting them out very difficult. Best loctited in with 243, unless you change the jaws often, and easier to get an allen key in to tighten them than a slotted screwdriver. I would however slot the heads before fitting, just in case the socket gets damaged.


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