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200tdi conversion leak..

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ok i was silly and didnt change any of the seals,, (trying to save some pennies) what part numbers do i need for the seal behind the flywheel as its leaking from the base of the flywheel housing :( cheers

edit: also could it be the seal that goes to the engine block?

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Conversion meaning Disco 200?? I common problem if the disco flywheel housing is used is that some bolts along the bottom of the housing are not used - meaning the engine gear box "couple" flex and as there are no bolts fixing the flywheel housing to the bottom of the engine, it opens up the rear end gasket and makes is leak, you need to put these bolts back in to solve any long term oil leak from this area, its not an easy job to do but I've got one bolt in so far out of 4.

They're M10's that are straight through with a thread on the engine block side. Putting these bolts in help to keep the lower part of the gearbox and flywheel housing against the engine block thus stopping leaks.

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No i used turbo diesel flywheel, i hope its the seal beheind the flywheel, what can you put on the seal so it wont come loose? cheers

I don't think the TD flywheel housing bolts into the ladder frame of the 200Tdi engine,

as does the original fitting. It's only necessary to counterbore the holes and fit

socket head bolts a little shorter than the originals which pass through the g/box flange and flywheel housing. It's an easy job to to relocate the studs which need to be

moved. The holes are already there, just tap them. I'm assuming it's a Disco engine you


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