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winch challenge classic bobtail q's lots of them

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hi im paul,i used to owm a 100 inch defender challenge truck that was sold due to falling out with the green oval :( didnt last long as i have started again :rolleyes:,right i have a 1981 bobtail full roof rangie its been around a while but the body and chassis are mint it's got a cage etc but im wanting to build a all out challenge truck again,

.the shox are fitted opposit ie one pointing fowards one back..can this be changed to fit the gwinn lewis pin shock mounts etc.

.i want to get 35 fedimas under it the arches have been cut and shes lifted 2 inch will it need a body lift

.im in the process of takin the v8 out and fitting a 200tdi cpuld anyone shine a light on what chassis olterations will need to be made

.anyone have any nice pics of bobtails for some guidence

thanks paul

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35" Fedima is even higher than 35" Simex...Anyway without bodylift you will need to reshape inner arches. With bodylift there is chance to cut only fenders and put there some kind of extended wheel arches.

But for winch challenge vehicle i would choose route without bodylift....

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I have 31" Insas (265/85/16) with a bearmach soft +2" lift & standard bump stops and i had to cut the arches and rear doors along the fold line at the top of the arch. The back still catches the top of the inner wing at the rear. 35" will mean either bodywork surgery or limiting the upwards flex with bump stops. A body lift would be easier but if its not road legal and for competition i would want to keep the body low and chop it.


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