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Driving/pay and play day near Ringwood, Dorset!


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Dorset Land Rover Club ltd are having a driving day on 31st October, open to all makes of 4x4,

There will be onsite catering, and free recovery.

For further details http://www.dorsetrov...rk-open-4x4-day

or reply/pm me...........


Hello Ron, emailed the club though your website, no reply yet (only emailed yesterday) it says taxed vehicles, my 4x4 is on a trailer, so not taxed, is there any problem with this, I'm sure I'm not the only one with non taxed vehicle,


Andy Boyt

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Andy, I haven't had any emails from our site (they normaly come to me) sorry.

Our permit only allows road legal vehicles.

ok thank you for the reply, vehicle has mot will bring certicate, will bring trade plates with me for tax and insurance,


andy boyt

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