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Air Flow to new Td4 Puma engines


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I want to fit some additional driving lights to my new Puma Td4 engined Defender and went along to my local garage to enquire about purchasing some lights and a mounting bar. However I was told by the garage that Landrover Specifiy that no lights should be mounted in front of the gront grill as they will impede the air flow to the cooling system! Is this just a general comment designed to deter customization or is there a specific requirement for a higher air flow for these new Puma engined vehicles. You see plenty of other older Defenders with lights mounted in front of the grill.

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Sounds somewhat pedantic to me. However the LR aux light fitting instructions show the lights mounted below and slightly inboard of the main head lights. Not that I'm saying its right, but I had 2x 170mm Driving Lights fitted in front of my '08 110 grill and never had any cooling problems, (and it can get to 50degC + in summer here).



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