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Rear Radius Arm to Chassis Bush

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Would anybody be able to help with the following problem I have with replacing the rear radius arm to chassis bushes on my 90.

Admittedly I should have been a little more thorough before ording although I'm not sure that would have helped.

The Landrover is an early 90 (1986) - from what I have seen no other details should be needed.

I bought two replacement bushes NTC9027G from Paddock (arrived in a Britpart bag...)

NTC9027 was in their genuine bush kit and NRC7491 in their cheaper bush kit.

Upon fitting I noticed that there wasn't enough thread on the end of the trailing arm for at least one thread to pass through the 30mm Nyloc nut. Comparing the new and old bushes the new parts are slightly 'longer' than the old ones.

After a little looking I can see part number NRC7491 was originally fitted and changed to NTC9027 around 1992. However, when looking at various web sites I can't find anything that states NTC9027 is strictly for vehicles 1992 and onwards.

So, by fitting a longer/bigger bush:

1. I am not happy with how the nut fits to the end of the trailing arm. The original bush was fitted with a lovely fat washer but I'm reluctant to remove this.

2. By extending the effective lenght of the training arm I believe this will rotate the axle casing so that the nose of the diff points down slightly (how much and if this is a problem I don't know)

Does anybody know if I should have fitted NRC7491 instead?

I have attached a couple of pictures.

post-5220-083171000 1285590145_thumb.jpg

post-5220-089101000 1285590185_thumb.jpg



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NRC7491 isnt listed on microcat for a Defender.

Its listed for Discos upto 1992 and has been replaced by STC618.

STC618 is listed against ALL defenders.

NTC9027 is listed for later Discos, later range rovers, and oddly 2007> defenders, however its also been superceded by STC618.

So it would seem they are all more or less interchangeable.

It may just be because they're pattern items, although the G suffix usually indicates OEM.

Looking at your pic, i'd just remove the washer. The nuts against a thick metal plate anyway, so that washer isnt serving much of a purpose imo.

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