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lift springs - how to identify what they are


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A friend of mine bought a set of what were supposed to be 2 inch lift springs for his Disco 1 from a boot sale

We got round to fitting them and it turned out that they either weren't for a Disco, or weren't 2 inch lift springs. As far as I can remember, the front lifted 3-4 inches and the rear about 1-1.5 inches.

He's since been and bought a new set of springs - so he's happy, but has a set of springs laying about that he can't do anything with... So is there a way of working out what they really are so he can see if they are of any use to anyone?

All I can tell you is that they are blue and the ones he was told were the front ones are thicker coils (I assume due to weight of the front vs rear)

I can get him to measure them if it will be of any help?

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Blue is normally BM whilst Yellow is commonly our favouite suppliers of quality parts for land rovers or OME which is a bit of a contrast :lol:

I would take the spec of the spring as above and mail BM to see if they get back, or take those details and measure a few at a local BM stockist.



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