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discovery 300tdi tyre replacement recommendation ??


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hi i got a standard 300tdi and all my tyres are low and will need replacing soon! and recommendation welcome hoplefully one at a good price too,

i will be happy with the standard type tyre, or some onroad / offroad tyre

would like to know good




and where to buy from ?

im in london if that helps

iv look on http://www.tyremonkey.co.uk/ but as i cant get any contact details for them i dont trust them !

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I've always put Goodrich All Terrain (LT235 70 R16) on mine - Much improved road holding, good longevity (50,000 plus - just changed 2 and that was only because they'd staarted to perish in between the treads. Reckon there was easily 10k more - just that they were getting old - we're low milers!) and okay for a bit of laning. New price around £100 per corner though you can get them cheaper but where in London I wouldn't know - someone else will pop up and say I'm sure. :D

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I would got with an All terrain tyre for road use and the light laning etc, They may cost more per corner but the performance will be much better and the depth of tread will lead to a better life so you actually pay less per mile in the end. I would go for either

- BFG AT (as above)

- General AT2

- Coopers SST or STT (I cannot remmeber which is the AT and which the MT of the top of my head)

For your position I would chose those that sit best with your budget as they are all very good (perhaps BFG are the best)but conversley they are the most pricey.

Hope this helps.


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hi i got a standard 300tdi

i will be happy with the standard type tyre

Don't bother with AT's or MT's then, you'll get worse fuel economy and (with some) increased noise.

I had Pirelli Scorpions on my D2 and they were good, real high mileage tyres (again, 50-60k miles), handled brilliantly on tarmac. Pretty good on stoney lanes as well. Ok, hopeless in mud, but not bad on grass and snow.

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hi thanks for all the replays

has anyone tryed installing slight wider tyres or larger tyres like

LT245/75 R 16 110 S

LT235/85 R 16 120/116 S

im hopeing it might give abit comfort ? but thinking it hit the arches as we has that problem on another disco we had years ago!

ill be looking into the BF Goodrich, Firestone Destinations, Michelin road pattern, Pirelli Scorpions it looks like i will have to spend more now and save for a few years thanks for the replys

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The other thing you want to consider is if you intend to use it off road and if so what terrain it's like ly to face. All the lanes around my area are stone tracks so I'm after better clearance under the diffs hence the taller tyres while not wanting to stretch the gearing by as much as 235 85 tyres would.

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BFG A/T for me if cash allows. As long as you don't dameg them i think they pay for themselves. They are good in the wet, brilliant in the snow, good in mud, great for towing as they have strobg sidewalls. They also seem to roll easier than you'd expect so i think they have a good relling resistance though I've never seen figures on that.

At the cheap end of thr spectrum my sister has Genral Ameri on hers and they are very good if a tad soft, great in the wet though.

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i have got a good set of BF AT 245x70x16's on my recently aquired disco tdi auto and wondered what effect they are having on my fuel ecconomy as i am only getting 22mpg stop/starting and 26mpg on a run at 60mph. My previous disco auto had road tread tyres and it did much more to the gallon? The disco is in good condition, i have just done the cam belt, all filters, sedimenter, cleaned out the intercooler, intake manifold and renewed the injector nozzles - now running out of ideas !

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I have just ordered a set of these http://www.camskill.co.uk/order.php?submit=Go+To+Shopping+Basket At that price you have to do a lot of miles on the more expensive BF shoes to pay for themselves. Mind you, I use them off the road more then on it with my bunny bashing transport.



hi thanks im going to order my tyres from them, how was your service for them ? and how long did the take to arrive ? thinking of risking it abit im planning on getting 245/75/16 even if it means i got some cutting to do :)

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